March has gone, April is here

March turned out to be a very busy time at Antioch Atelier! Early in the month, Gerald Epperson of asked to show my work at  Epperson Gallery… for the end of March and the month of April. I was honored and excited to accept, knowing that we would have to really haul to get everything ready.

Epperson Gallery Presents
Epperson Gallery Presents

For those of you who haven’t put together a show (gallery, open studio, or other), there is so much more to it than throwing paintings in the car! (Don’t ever throw your paintings in the car! The corner of one painting will be certain to tear a hole in another! Been there, done that!)

First of all, how big is the space? How many pieces will fit and look great? What works should you show? What should the name of the show be? When do you drop off and pick up the work, and do you help with the hanging?

Three Crockery
Three Crockery

Then there are the details, opening and closing dates, times, reception dates etc…  Getting a card designed and printed (that took me an entire day of agonizing  minutiae on the computer, mostly in trying to transfer my design to the online platform of the printers.) Sending out digital and snail mail announcements, adding stickers to the printed cards because you forgot to include the reception info…

And we haven’t talked about Framing! Packaging! Labeling! Doug packages all my work, to keep it safe during storage and for the when we transport them.

Two Gourds and Vase
Two Gourds and Vase

For this show, I am exhibiting a wide range of work, some dating from 1999, so many of the pieces had to be unwrapped, checked for damage etc., and re-wrapped again.

I finished up a number of paintings  to add to the show: three still life that began as demos from my class “Painting the Still Life in Color and Light”. I’ve added them throughout this post, just for fun!

Two Pumpkins
Two Pumpkins


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