Antioch Atelier

Portrait Drawing 

Jody Mattison, Instructor
Mondays 1:30 – 4:30
Apr 2 – May 21     8 sessions
$300 includes all model fees
PayPal here
max enrollment 12, minimum 8

Intensive portrait drawing. Focus is on continual improvement of drawing techniques through intensive practice. Class will include demonstrations, individual help and critique.
New students will begin by drawing with charcoal and graphite, continuing students have the opportunity to move into paint and/or pastel.  Topics will be varied and include:
blocking in, abstract shapes, light and shadow, artistic anatomy of the head, neck and shoulders, measuring, angles, proportion, ‘eyeballing’, creating 3-dimensionality, rendering techniques
email to register
or call 925-997-3315

Monoprint Workshops at Antioch Atelier
Jody Mattison, Instructor

tba (taking a break for now)

(Held at Antioch Atelier, 813 W 3rd Street, Antioch CA 94509)
$100 tuition per class, can be taken separately, 10% tuition discount if signing up for all three.
Includes materials, bring a lunch, max 6 students, min 3 students. We will provide the materials for these printmaking class at Antioch Atelier, and the press work! Training on use of the press is ongoing.

Workshop #1: Monoprints from Old Drawings

Work with old drawings or images to create new exciting monoprints, or create the imagery as you go along!
You will provide the imagination, the visual material or reference: old drawings, paintings or photo references that can be placed under the plate and painted from. This is a great way to use newsprint sketches, figure gestures etc. to inspire a new work of art. You can also bring a still life to paint from, or from whatever you see in the studio!

You will have several plates for use during the day, with enough paper for 4-8 small to medium prints (quarter to half size sheets). Additional printmaking paper available at cost.

Workshop #2: Monoprints from the Still Life

We will be painting directly from the still life onto printmaking plates, and watercolor, oil and pastels will be available to further work into imagery if desired.You will have several plates for use, with enough paper for 4-8 small to medium prints (quarter to half size sheets). Additional printmaking paper available at cost.

Note: Solvents may be used in these workshops.

email to register or click desired Paypal link below

email to register


  1. I could go for the Tues. pm

    And, by the way, Cathy Riggs at I’ve Been Framed on Ferry St. Martinez is having show featuring nudes in Feb. CALL Her! You must have some extra nudes hanging around! (925) 228-7353


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