Lafayette Studio

Mixing Color Workshop
Jody Mattison, Instructor

Saturday-Sunday Sept 2-3
11 – 5 p.m.
$270 Tuition, all supplies provided for use during workshop PayPal here

Two day intensive workshop, instruction and practical exercises based on the book Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green. Learn how to mix any color simply and accurately using only six tube colors. Color mixing becomes a breeze once you understand the simple rules. At the end of the workshop you will have created a color notebook to keep for reference.

email or call 925-997-3315  to register


Alla Prima Painting
Jody Mattison, Instructor
Mondays 1:30 – 4:30
Min 6,  Max 14 students

September 11 – November 13

Tuition $300 10 meetings

Wet-on-wet, or alla prima (Italian, meaning at first attempt),

Join me this fall for an exploration of oil/acrylic painting in the ‘alla prima’ style! Alla prima (Italian for at first attempt) is a method of painting directly, brush stroke on brush stroke, to complete a painting in one or two sessions.
Working with still life and interiors, we will go through the steps to create luminous paintings. Demonstration and discussion each week.
materials list sent upon registration.

PayPal here
Registration: or 925-997-3315

Registration: or call 925-284-5143





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